A Terrible Blogger and a Change of Pace.

For a long time I was very happy with how my blog was working. I loved posting about beauty products or my weight loss progress and then suddenly, everything changed in my life and I wasn't satisfied. Sure, I still bought make up but I didn't want to discuss it any more and I wasn't reaching for my laptop or making the effort to think about posts. Time went on and I thought maybe I can try again, no surprise, I just didn't want to.

I then received an email about renewing my domain and I had to make the decision about continuing the future of this blog. Could I once again try and go back to discussing lipsticks or my new face cream? It was my boyfriend who suggested a revamp, maybe just not focusing on one particular thing and trying to talk about new things in my life.

It made sense as with this blog, I'm about to start a new chapter in my life. In September, I'm moving to Edinburgh and I'm finishing my masters.

I'm a little bit scared but I couldn't be more excited.

I'm so excited to begin a new adventure in my life and I feel like I can talk about this and get excited about these things.

So, Curiously Quinn will remain open and will get a new make over.

I look forward to discussing what is happening in my life or topics that I'm passionate about or I think should be discussed.

So, I won't say I promise that I'll make a post by next Tuesday... but I will say that I'll be talking a lot more on here.

In the mean time, the makeover of the website will begin and I'll be back with a fresh new look and a fresh new mind set.