Changing Your Diet: Why It's Okay to Treat Yourself

There seems to be an unwritten rule that when it comes to losing weight that indulging is forbidden.

I'm a firm believer that having an indulging day or even a couple of days will help you keep your sanity when losing weight. I know from past experiences that cutting out chocolate and all other goodies drives me insane and suddenly I find myself in a frenzy where I'm stuffing my face and I don't quite know what happened.

I am a big fan of the 'Cheat Day' idea, where you choose one day a week to fully indulge. Have a pizza, have that takeaway from the local Indian or even just to have that bar of chocolate that you've been craving.

Even with designating a 'Cheat Day', I still have little indulgent moments during the week but the difference being that this is treats in moderation. For instance, if I'm having one of those days where nothing will solve my problems but chocolate, then I ensure that I either have been exercising that day or that my meals fit around having said bar of chocolate. That way when I sit down to enjoy my little treat, I don't even have to worry about it.

I truly believe that one of the main reasons why my diet has been so effective this time round is that I have allowed myself to have naughty moments. We're only human after all and you can't be expected to be perfect all the time. The difference is that when you have a naughty day, you make sure that you make up for it.

From what I've learnt, having a binge day will not make you regain that much weight. In two days over Easter, I consumed a LOT of Easter eggs and goodies (hey, when else are you going to fully indulge?) On those two days, I did mild exercise and had smaller meals and I was absolutely petrified that I had gained a lot of weight, in reality, when I stepped on the scales, I had only gained a pound.

So do yourself a favour and give yourself a break. Yes, you may have had that large piece of cake, that burger or that large pizza but it's okay, so take a step back, enjoy your food and remember that tomorrow is a brand new day.