Review: The Body Shop Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet

I've found another skincare love.

This little jar is full of moisturising goodness. Applying this every morning and night has been another god send in saving my skin from becoming horribly dry and flakey.

Inside this little glass jar is a pretty pale pink jelly like solution. The scent is comforting and fresh but the best thing about this product is when you apply it to your face. The product is extremely cooling on the skin and glides beautifully over the skin and is immediately absorbed into the face.

There is no residue left over, only the feeling of total smoothness and your skin is left looking nourished and glowing. This product also works perfectly under make up as a primer because the skin is left so smooth, make up just glides over it and as a plus, your make up doesn't budge. I've applied foundation in the morning and my foundation still looks good as new by the evening.
All in all, this is a product which has done wonders for my face and has become a fixed part of my skincare regime. This is a product that will carry me through the winter and will be the perfect cooling product for summer.