Quinn's Chats: Losing Weight

Weight loss has always been very difficult for me.

I have dieted on and off since I was sixteen and often with little or no results. My problem has always been that I have had a very dependent relationship with food. For me, food was the answer to pretty much every problem or every situation. If I was happy, sad, angry, excited or bored, I'd eat. 

My last year at university had been a prime example of how I lost control of my eating, piling on pound after pound. Finally it came to a head at the beginning of this year, although I had started losing a few pounds post Christmas, I was at 11 stone 5 and I was completely miserable. Every time I looked in the mirror, I felt awful and I felt like I had lost myself and my self-confidence along the way.

So, I vowed to myself that something had to change and so I downloaded My Fitness Pal to my phone and from there my weight loss journey began.

My Fitness Pal is a food diary which calculates calories, you can also input the exercise that you do and you can map your weight loss. Surprisingly, easing My Fitness Pal into my daily life was quite easy to begin with, what became more difficult was managing to eat 1,200 calories a day maximum.

It was then I realised that my portion sizes had been far too large and for a long time, I was hungry all the time and to be honest, a little cranky. I quite often sat and thought I'd just abandon the weight loss plan and eat a pizza instead, but I didn't.

Then I lost 5 pounds and I realised that this was actually working. I wasn't killing myself with exercise or nearly fainting doing a juice diet, I had cut back on food and I was actually losing weight. I still eat chocolate, have the occasional pizza and have a glass of wine when I want but I realised it is all about moderation.

So how am I doing now?

Well, I'm so pleased to say that I am 1 stone and 6 pounds down at a weight of 9 stone 13, I really can't believe the change in myself and the way I look. Clothes which were tight on me are now too big and pretty much unwearable, I've had to get rid of two bags of clothes! I look so much better and I feel it too, I wake up in the morning and I don't feel like pulling the duvet over my head and curling back up again, I actually want to get up and enjoy life.

I've met new people through work, I've started baking again, I've started redecorating my room and I'm actually excited to make plans for the future.

Although I've lost weight just by cutting back the calories, I have actually joined a gym now just to get fitter and to help tone everything up. Let me tell you, that's an entirely different challenge in itself and it is definitely going to be an uphill battle for a while.

So, what can I say, it has been a very difficult 60 days. However, I've gone from having food deal with my problems to tackling my problems head on and now I treat myself in moderation and enjoy all the food that I used to before. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few naughty days and some slip ups but I haven't become disappointed in myself, I just started out the next day fresh and ready to start again. That has been the thing I have been most proud of, I have totally changed the way I view food and I've totally changed the way I see myself.

In fact, I enjoy food so much more now because of it, I had a small petit pan of garlic bread last night, which I hadn't had in a very long time and I nearly swooned over how good it tasted.

I'll do another update in a month or so and I'll probably include my before and after photos in there. For now however I will say, that food has stopped being my answer and my excuse to everything and it has become something I love again and for the first time in a very long time, I can't keep the smile off my face.