Review: NSPA Caramel Fudge Shower & Bath Gel.

Christmas is coming!

You know what that means? All the sweet smelling, sugary and delicious body products!

NSPA have released four limited edition seasonal shower and bath gels and with my current obsession with the scent of caramel, I had to pick up the Caramel Fudge scent.

Aside from having my nose connected to the bottle 70% of the time, seriously, the scent of this product is insane. The warning about the product being inedible is definitely there for a reason, because all I want to do is eat the product.

Instead, I'll settle for covering myself in the product! As a body wash, the product is thick and lathers up beautifully and the product also works as a fantastic bath gel, which creates an indulgent bubble bath for the times when you need a bit of luxury in your day.
With such incredibly affordable prices, NSPA have such a fabulous range that always delivers on quality and this is just another product which has ticked all the boxes for me. This product that has become a firm staple in my winter bathing routine and I couldn't recommend it more.
If you are in need of some caramel-y goodness, you can pick this product up at your nearest ASDA.
Are you a fan of NSPA products?