A Little Lush Christmas Haul

Christmas at LUSH is my favourite time of year.
Everything smells incredible and my bath is left looking like a disco ball, but if you can't be sparkly at Christmas, when can you?

So of course, the time has come for a little LUSH haul!

First up is Butterbear, an adorable little teddy shaped bath bomb, which smells of vanilla. Think cuddly and warm, just like your favourite teddy.

Next is Cinders, a little bath bomb packed with popping candy and a divine cinnamon fragrance. Seriously, can you get any more festive than the scent of cinnamon?
Shoot for the Stars, although looking a little worse for wear is a gorgeous deep blue colour with the prettiest silver star decoration. I can already tell this is going to make my bath an amazing colour with all the sparkles to go with it. The scent is the absolutely gorgeous scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, a caramel scent with a hint of orange.
Isn't he just the cutest? You can't help but love Dashing Santa, a cute little bath bomb that smells of citrus-y goodness! This is the perfect addition to any Christmas LUSH haul and I always smile when I see his little face too.
Holy Glitter, would you look at this little angel? Everything that Snow Angel has touched has left a trail of glitter in its path. This gorgeous little bath melt smells like marzipan and with myself having such a sweet tooth, I can't wait to put this in my bath.
I am getting ridiculously excited for Christmas as the decorations are going up in my house, so these gorgeous little bath bombs are making my room smell absolutely incredible!
What is your favourite Christmas product from LUSH?