Review: Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Meet my newest fragrance.


I had been suffering from an urge to change perfumes for a while. I'm usually a Chanel or a Victor & Rolf girl, that's not to say that those perfumes have been abandoned. I was looking for something a bit deeper, a little bit sexier and something that would be perfect for the autumn/winter months.

I had heard all about the new fragrance by Tom Ford and it was safe to say my attention was fully engaged. Even before smelling this, I had a gut feeling that I was going to fall head over heels for this perfume. Maybe it is the bottle? Maybe it is because it's by Tom Ford? Whatever the reason, my gut was not wrong.

First thing I absolutely adore about this fragrance is the bottle. Although the same as the Black Orchid fragrance, Velvet Orchid has a gorgeous deep purple tint to the bottle. Already showing that this perfume is all about femininity and sensuality.

The scent of this however, is the main reason why this perfume is hands down my new favourite perfume. When you first spray it on your skin, it is deep, earthy and warming, I find that even with a minimal amount sprayed, the fragrance just wraps you up in this scent.

Very quickly however, this perfume transforms into something totally different. Honey and rum come through in the perfume and earthy tones become floral with jasmine, orchid and rose scents.

As the day progresses, the perfume stays with you and slowly becomes sweeter until it simply disappears, like it was never there to begin with.

This perfume is an absolute pleasure to wear and I don't know where it has been all my life. The perfume lasts on your skin for hours and hours and less is more with this perfume, I find I don't have to cover myself with this perfume to create that wrap of scent around me.

This perfume has become the thing that makes me smile. On days when I need a perk me up, a simple spritz of this on my wrists immediately cheers me up. I love the way I'll move my hand or I'll be walking along and suddenly I'll smell the perfume and it warms me down to my toes.

This is a perfume that makes you feel sexy, confident and totally comforted. This perfume has become an absolute staple and although I love my other perfumes, I am in a whirlwind of an affair with Velvet Orchid.

Have you tried out the Tom Ford fragrances?

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