Review: Soigné Nails in Betteraves Rouges, Cerise and Figue

I have been ridiculously excited to try out Soigné nail polishes.

I had heard about the brand way back in April. With teasing images of the prettiest polishes and some of the polishes popping up on YouTube and some blog posts, I was waiting patiently for their website to be launched.
Then, the moment came when the Soigné website was launched and very quickly I had placed an order.

Soigné is French for well-groomed or elegant and these nail polishes are certainly that. Everything about this brand has that classic French appeal, from the beautiful gift box that these polishes arrived in...
 ... to the boxes that the polishes are packaged in.

Keeping up with the classical French appeal of this brand, all the polishes have French names. So, after a long deliberation and cooing over all the polishes I decided on the more autumnal shades of Cerise, Betteraves Rouges and Figue.

Cerise (Cherry) is a deep reddish pink, which creates a beautiful dynamic shade that changes colour depending on the light. This is the perfect pink polish for those who aren't a fan of the more 'Barbie' or baby pink shades, that and the beautiful jewel tone of the shade is perfect for this time of year.
Betteraves Rouges (Red Beet) is a deep red shade, which I fell absolutely head over heels for. I've already mentioned my love of deep red shades, especially for this time of year and this is an absolutely stunning shade. I've had this on my nails pretty much since I got this polish and I've absolutely been loving teaming it up with a berry lip to create a really pretty autumnal look.

Figue (Fig) is a deep grey that has a purple undertone running through it. It's a gorgeous shade that like Cerise changes depending on the light, sometimes it is so dark it can almost look black and then other times you can really see that purple shade coming through. It'll definitely be a favourite on my nails this winter.
So how do the polishes hold up? I always test out my polishes without a top coat, just to see how they hold up and I'm happy to report that these polishes lasted on my nails for about four days without any major chipping, just a little bit of scuffing on the very tips of the nails, which I think is fantastic to be honest.
The pigment of the shades are absolutely gorgeous and application is extremely smooth and with the exception of Figue, the other two polishes required only two coats of the polish. Figue required three, that's only because it does apply quite thin on the nails. My nails also remained exceptionally glossy which I find you often lose with a lot of nail polishes by day three.
My absolute favourite thing about these polishes is the drying time. I don't know what Soigné have put in their polishes to make them dry quicker but literally my nails were bone dry within ten minutes. I cannot tell you how ridiculously happy this made me as I am terrible with waiting for polishes to dry and I often get very impatient and end up smudging my nails.
Soigné polishes contain 85% plant sourced ingredients and are free from any carcinogenic nasties. Soigné also ensure that their products are not tested on animals. So all you have is a polish that gives you glossy nails without any chemicals in the formula.
All in all, I'm so happy with these polishes and I can't wait to get my hands on more of them.
At the moment you can get 15% off with your first order, simply add 'MYFIRST' in at checkout and alongside that the beautiful gift box is free at the moment when you buy three polishes.
Have you tried out Soigné nails?

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