Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil

Personally, I've always been a moisturiser kind of girl.

I have tried Dry Oils before and I've not been impressed. They've made me feel extremely greasy, sticky and then on top of that, they haven't actually made a difference to my skin.

I had this product tried on me at a Body Shop event before it was released, then again when I went to the launch of the Wild Argan Oil products. Surprisingly, I was extremely impressed.

I managed to scoop up one of the last of these in the store. Already proving that this product has had a lot of hype surrounding it. So is the hype worth it?

Wild Argan Oil or as The Body Shop is hailing it as Queen of the Oils, is taken from the fruit of the Argan Tree found in Morocco. Not only is Argan Oil nourishing for the skin, it is the perfect product for saving dry hair.

That is exactly what this product does! I have been using the product every day for a little under two weeks mostly on my body, but predominantly as a hair treatment.

Firstly, like I have been raving in my other reviews of the Wild Argan products, the scent of this product is absolutely incredible. Indulgent, spa like and definitely makes you feel like your using a product that is very expensive (but really your saving your pennies).

For my skin, it really works to nourish and make the skin more radiant, which it has done exactly that. For my hair however, it has really helped to moisturise the ends of my hair which had started to look like straw (curse you, bleach!)

When applied to the skin, the product is a fine oil. I only require one spray for my hair which I share between both hands. With damp hair, I then take my hands and run it through the middle of my hair to the ends brushing it through. I usually then tie my hair up in a plait and then by morning my hair is: A) in pretty curls and B) has extremely soft and nourished ends.

When applied to the skin, the product doesn't leave a greasy residue but leaves what I describe as a fine coating of the product which then absorbs into the skin. When absorbed, your skin is left feeling soft and glowing.

It's safe to say I've definitely been converted to using dry oils and this product will be a definite repurchase.

Yet another product from this range that I'm absolutely in love with and I couldn't recommend more. You can read my other reviews here, here and here.

If you haven't tried out products from the Wild Argan Oil range, what are you waiting for? Head on over to your nearest Body Shop or on their online store and treat yourself!

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