Maverick, London

The most wonderful relationship is pizza and cocktails.

So of course pizza and cocktails were on the agenda when I popped down to London last week. Rounding up some friends, we all congregated at Maverick.
Tucked away on Buckingham Palace Road near Victoria station,  it is a hidden gem that you could easily miss. With a New York industrial feel, with dark walls and lights hanging from the ceiling, you can't help but get caught up in the cool vibe.

What is great about The Maverick is the simplicity of the menus. The cocktail menu has six options and a no-fuss food menu.There are four starter options and seven pizza options, so let's get down to it. I started by ordering a plate of buffalo mozzarella with tomato, and a friend of mine ordered some olives.

The buffalo mozzarella and tomato starter was absolutely delicious. Served with a fresh pesto and black pepper, it was certainly boding well of things to come.

Cocktails were also being consumed quickly on my table. It's no secret that these guys know how to make cocktails. Served in cute jam jars or cocktail glasses the size of your head, these cocktails were absolutely delicious. The mojitos were fresh without being overpowered by mint and other options such as the Mango and Carrot Margarita were an interesting addition to their menu.
Now, that's enough of cocktails. Let's get down to the main event.
I'd like to introduce you to The Diavola.
There is a reason why this pizza is called the Devil. With spicy salami milano, mozzarella, tomato, olive oil and basil, this is a deliciously naughty pizza. The base is thin and crispy like a good Italian pizza should and it is cooked to perfection. 
Ready for the close up?
If you're not craving pizza from this picture, you're a better person than me. Other pizza options from the table were the Parma and the Bianca, which all had thumbs up.
For the rest of the evening, wine and endless amounts of cocktails were consumed. There was a lot of chatting, laughing and drinking.

The staff were absolutely wonderful and chatty, even making my friend a surprise cocktail (an Espresso Martini) which wasn't even on the menu. Time just sort of melted away and we soon found ourselves alone in the restaurant and leaving just so the staff could close up!
This is a very relaxing restaurant and it is a great place to visit with friends or even with a date. With cheap pizzas and reasonably priced cocktails, you can spend a long time just casually munching on delicious goodies and drinking the amazing cocktails on offer.
So, if you're in the area, go and share the love with this gem of a restaurant. I know next time I'm in London I'll be heading back.
You can find Maverick here. You can also follow them on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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