Twinkling Lights and Tea Leaves

Tea is the number one love of my life.

I love it in any form; standard builder's tea, fruit tea, herbal teas, iced tea... you name it, I'll drink it.
So, I decided to venture up to Leaf on Bold Street. Let me tell you, these guys know their tea.

Ducking in off the warm street, I was welcomed by the cool air inside Leaf. I was greeted with a long choice of tea (seriously, check their menu out) and twinkling fairy lights.

I was far too warm for a hot drink, can you believe England has been going through a heat wave? So my eyes caught a sign for iced tea and I was immediately hooked.

I went for a Passion Fruit and Orange iced tea, which I took upstairs to explore the rest of Leaf.

Like downstairs, upstairs was twinkling with lights and disco balls, glimmering from the light filtering in through the large windows. It was shabby chic and I couldn't help but fall in love with this place.

My drink arrived and it was the most beautiful colour.

Not only did it look incredibly photogenic, it tasted delicious, just like summer is a glass.

It was only a quick visit to Leaf but one that left a lasting impression, I can't wait to return and not only eat their menu but also sample their tea menu.

You can find Leaf here at their website or their Twitter. Make sure you go and check them out and give them some love.

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