Thierry Mugler #BewareofAngels: What is a Woman?*

When Thierry Mugler asked me to collaborate on their new #BewareofAngels campaign for their fragrance ANGEL, I was unbelievably excited.

The campaign poses the ideas of female metamorphosis and the question, “What is a woman?”

To be honest, I was originally a little stumped. I kept asking myself that one question over and over again until I ended up staring at my laptop in a total daze.

After about five drafts of overthinking and staring blankly at my screen, something clicked and I finally sat down to write this one.
To start, I’m going to start with a simple question: what is a woman?
Many of you will frown and simply respond with a biological response. Many will list words such as; weak, emotional, vain, shrew or property.
What I’m asking is what makes a woman?

Women have been thought of as gentle, peace loving and delicate ladies who are softly spoken and never raise their voice. Women are also thought of as harpies or angry feminists who try to out man the men around them or make scenes with their opinions. Oh and let’s not forget that women are judged by the status of their virginity and how many sexual partners they have had.

Women are thought of by the curves of their waist, the size of their breasts and if a woman is deemed sexy enough for the men in society.
How is it that we have come so far in our society in the terms of women’s rights and yet we are still so behind? How is it that women are not judged by their actions but simply by their past, their demeanour and their appearance?

There is so much negativity but throughout all of the horrible things that happen towards woman, the times women feel demeaned, the thousands of times we have been blamed, shamed and discriminated against, that is not what a woman is.

A woman has blood coursing through her veins and a heart beating strongly in her chest. Women have ambition, power and control. Women are beautiful and elegant, women have dreams, women believe in themselves and women believe in others. Women do good things and women do bad things, but importantly, women make those choices unapologetically and with an inner strength that no man could ever match.
Women are fighters and women always stand up when they are opposed, scared, demeaned and punished. Women never give up pushing back and we will continue to fight back against the people who wish to hold us back, alienate us, enslave us and torture us.

Women are a relentless force that will keep getting stronger and more confident.
Women may be warriors but we are also women because we embrace our femininity. A high powered judge may apply a bit of lipstick or a doctor may wear a spritz of perfume. A scientist may wear a pink coat or an athlete may wear that little black dress. That does not make these women any less of a woman. Women may be warriors, but we are women who express ourselves in the way we move, the way we do our hair and the way we choose what to wear.
No matter what kind of woman you are, every day when each woman looks at herself in the mirror, she is the essence of beauty and femininity because she is truly herself.

If I decide to throw on a little black dress and apply some red lipstick, that’s my choice, it does not make me available or easy. If I decide to wear sweatpants, an oversized t-shirt with my hair thrown up and my glasses on, it does not make me unattractive, it means I damn well deserve a rest.

In my life, I have changed and I’ll keep changing because I learn and I grow and most importantly, I believe in myself and my own choices. I’ll keep making up my own mind and I’ll never let anyone control it.
That is the person you have to accept me for because I am not the perfect woman.

I have cellulite, I get spots and I am a little bit on the chubby side because I am in a constant battle with cake and eating healthily. My hair is a bit thin, I wish my thighs were smaller and I have a really flat bum. I am a little bit on the weird side and I am horrendously over emotional. I talk too much and I am a total drama queen.

You know what though? I’m comfortable with my cellulite and everyone gets spots because that is natural. I love food and I would never give up eating for pleasure, no one comes between me and cake, got it? I do wish my thighs are smaller but hey, I’m twenty one years old, I’ll work on them.  

Oh and my flat bum? Well, I can always buy myself butt pads (Yes, they do sell butt pads, Primark I’m looking at you). I am weird, but that’s okay, everyone is a bit weird, it’s what makes everyone themselves.

Yes, I am over emotional? I love being able to express myself and I’m not ashamed of my emotions, I will cry at TV adverts and fluffy animals when and where I like. I love being able to talk to anyone, that’s how I meet incredible people and I learn things not only about myself but about everyone and everything around me.

I’m a big believer in living life with a bit of flair and drama, so yes I am overdramatic, this is mainly because I still believe that one day I will win an Oscar for Best Actress… just kidding.
That is who I am, I am a flawed person.

I am however proud of my achievements.

I have a good degree that I worked incredibly hard for. I have moved my life around multiple times which meant I have had to say goodbye to relationships and I have said farewell to friends. I have seen things, done things and I have been so incredibly brave and terrified in equal measure. I have been weak and I have been strong. I have met the most incredible people and I have met people who have brought me extremely low.

Yet even though I have raised myself high and I have been brought low and after all the things that have happened to me and will happen to me, I am still here. I intend to keep being the woman that I am with my opinions, thoughts, emotions and of course… my flat bum.

I am growing and I will continue to grow from strength to strength, just like every woman around me.
Women are flawed but we are pretty damn perfect at being ourselves.

So I’ll ask the question again, what is a woman?

A woman is beautiful, no matter the colour of her skin, her weight or her sexual orientation. A woman is feminine and a warrior. A woman is intelligent, powerful, brave and unbelievably fabulous. You know who women are? They are just the average person you see on a daily basis.
Women are everything all at once and we go about our lives and we make our choices and we do it all with our heads held high, a smile on our face and a swish of our hips.

I am a woman and I am unbelievably proud to be one.

You can find Thierry Mugler at The Circle on their website and on their YouTube channel. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.
*This piece was written for the Thierry Mugler #BewareofAngels campaign.

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