Review: Make Up Rumours Lipsticks in Pinks, Reds and Nudes*

I've got a bad case of Lipstick Lust.
I've been shamelessly buying up new lipsticks left, right and centre. So, you can imagine how pleased I was when I received a blogger discount from Make Up Rumours.

Safe to say, my first stop when looking at their online shop was lipsticks and boy, did I scoop up plenty of them.

What I was immediately pleased with was the beautiful lipsticks collections that Make Up Rumours offer. That and the ridiculously naughty price for these lipsticks, £1 each if you were wondering!
Let us all just take a moment to 'ooh' and 'aah' over these gorgeous colours. I know I certainly have been cooing over them.
What I love about these lipsticks is how creamy they are. The lipsticks glide on your lips and leave them looking glossy, plump and nourished. One of my favourite things about these lipsticks is that the colour does not flake on the lips after a period of time, which means your lips look gorgeous for longer.
The staying power of the lips is brilliant. After two and a half hours of having drinks, eating and going out of the house, the lipstick stayed put incredibly only slightly wearing off in the middle of the lips, which is to be expected if you're constantly eating and drinking.
As for the pigment of each colour? Well, I'll let these swatches speak for themselves.

(From Left to Right: Shade 2, Shade 17, Shade 1, Shade 5, Shade 3, Shade 6)

So without further ado, let's take a closer look at these colours.

Shade 2

A light berry colour that will be the perfect colour for Autumn. It is not too bright nor too deep, so it will be a perfect day or night lipstick.

Shade 17

A pink neutral with a brownish undertone which matches my natural lip colour. This will probably be a staple colour for me for Autumn and Winter, as I love the depth this colour gives to your lips.

Shade 1

One can never own enough bold red lipsticks and I always keep an eye out for them. This red lipstick with a hint of orange has become yet another gorgeous addition to my growing collection.

This pink lipstick screams Barbie girl, yes it even has a sparkle to it. It is a perfect summer colour for days when you want the prettiest pink lips around. 

A natural pink with a bit of oomph. Soft enough for day time use but perfect for giving your lips that just bitten look.

Shade 6

A darker Barbie-esque pink which also comes complete with sparkles. Another gorgeous summery colour that makes your lips look so glossy, pink and pretty that it would make Barbie herself jealous.
If you too have a lipstick craving, be sure to check out Make Up Rumours and treat yourself to one or two (or six).
You can find Make Up Rumours here at their online store.
*Blogger discount received from Make Up Rumours.

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