Review: Dolly's Mixtures Candy Floss Sweetness and Light Shower Gel

I have a weakness for candy floss.

When I was a little girl, I always had to have candy floss from fairgrounds or even when I saw it in shops. There is nothing that makes me more nostalgic for my childhood than the smell of candy floss.

So when I was in ASDA, this little bottle caught my eye. Candy floss scented? The minute I smelt this product, I was in love.
Dolly's Mixtures Candy Floss Sweetness and Light smells exactly like the candy floss I used to eat as a child. I close my eyes and all I see is fairground lights, wintery nights with bonfires and warm summer days. This vintage style bottle is so pretty and the product is a beautiful creamy pink.
The shower gel lathers up into the creamiest bubbles that leaves your skin super soft and feeling thoroughly nourished. Your skin is also left smelling absolutely incredible, be warned that you may look a little strange if you keep sniffing your arm after using this product. 
Dolly's Mixtures have a lovely range of products with scents ranging from Red Velvet Cupcakes to Piña Colada. I couldn't recommend this product more and I certainly will be looking at buying more from the range, especially the cupcake scents.

You can find Dolly's Mixtures at ASDA in store or online.

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