Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Bubbling Bath*

I am a bath girl through and through.
After a long day or when I'm feeling down, a bath is one of the things that immediately relaxes and cheers me up.
Not having a bath has definitely been one of the things I have missed whilst living at university. So now I have access to a bath again, you can imagine I have been taking full advantage.
When I attended The Body Shop Event, I informed about the new Wild Argan Oil products and following lots of cooing and excitement, I was given a sample of the new Wild Argan Bubbling Bath. 

Argan Oil is taken from the fruit of the Argan Tree, only found in Morocco. The oil is not only used in food but as a beauty product.
It is used in hair care for adding moisture to dry hair, calm frizzy ends and giving your hair a beautiful shine. Not only is it amazing for your hair, Argan Oil can be used as a facial oil and an all over body moisturiser.
The first thing you notice about this product is the scent. It smells like heavenly pure indulgence, something you immediately want to wrap yourself up in. Even using one of these samples creates a good set of bubbles and leaves your bathroom smelling like an expensive spa.
Post bath, my skin felt soft and silky and not only that I was left feeling fully relaxed. Even a small sample made a massive impression on me and I am ridiculously excited to try out the other Wild Argan Oil products, especially the Radiant Oil.
You don't have to wait for much longer to get your hands on these goodies, the Wild Argan Oil products will be available to purchase online and in store on Tuesday 12th August.
*Sample from The Body Shop

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