How to: Have the Perfect Pamper Evening

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone needs a pamper evening.

Whether you're having a bad day, a sick day or even if it's Monday after a hectic weekend, if you need a pick me up, a pamper evening is definitely on the cards.

I always try to set out at least one night a week where I sit down and just look after myself. So here are my tips on how to create the perfect pamper evening.

To start, I always run myself a bath. Now, I know some people hate taking a bath but there is nothing that relaxes your muscles and yourself like a warm bath.
Grab your favourite bath oil or a bath bomb and pop it in. For this particular bath I used the Imperial Leather Limited Editions Bewitching Bathwhich smells absolutely heavenly and immediately relaxes me, even just smelling from the bottle.

Whilst your bath is running, grab some candles and set them up next to your bath.
Next, grab your iPod or your iPhone and set up some relaxing music to play. As a person, who loves making music playlists, so I already have my Chill playlist set up. Seeing as its your pamper evening, you can see my playlist on Spotify and save some time. 
So with your bath all ready, line up your favourite bath products.
Just before I jump in the bath, I apply a face mask.
I received a sample of The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, which I have been enjoying using. It is perfect for removing excess oils, dirt and impurities from the skin and helps mattify the skin.
Following a long bath, I grab fluffy towels and I apply my favourite moisturiser. Which is still the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Buttercream.
This moisturiser is incredible. Not only does it leave you smelling like cake, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
After applying my moisturiser, I then proceed to do my nightly skin regime.
Starting with the Seaweed Purifying Cleanser, I follow up with the Seaweed Purifying Toner. Following this I use the Effaclar Duo [+] and finish up with the NSPA Beauty Ultra-Hydrate Cream.
After finishing up, I make myself a large mug of peppermint tea.

Peppermint tea is my favourite hot drink to have before bed. It is naturally caffeine free and having a hot mug of something always makes me ready for bed. Another good drinks options is either a hot chocolate (which I have in winter) or a Horlicks. As tempting as it is to have a cup of normal tea, you don't need to steer clear of caffeine before bed.
Make sure you make your sleeping area is cosy as can be, this can include fluffy pillows, blankets, twinkling lights and candles. Throw on your favourite PJs and fluffy socks and snuggle up in bed.
I always keep a hand cream, I'm currently using Soap & Glory Hand Food and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream by my bed and apply as part of my nightly ritual. Hey, you've got to make sure you have smooth hands and soft lips!

I always choose a film or a TV show on my pamper evenings. My favourite films to watch include; The Phantom of the Opera, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Clueless and Marie Antoinette. My favourite TV shows include; Downton Abbey Season 1 or a series like The Paradise or Mr Selfridge.
I also tend to set aside a little bit of laptop time in which I'll blog, read other blogs or do some serious browsing (ASOS, I'm looking at you!) I also read some of my favourite books, listen to music, paint my nails or read a magazine.
Whatever the activity, remember, keep yourself relaxed. So pop on that movie, snuggle down with your hot drink and get comfy.
What are your pamper night essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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