Champagne, Cleansers and Cotton Pads

I was kindly invited to a VIP event at The Body Shop in Liverpool One.

To say I was a little bit excited was an understatement. The event was scheduled for after the store closed, so grabbing a black dress and my bowler hat, I got suited and booted and of course paired it with a bold red lip.

Dress: ASOS 
Shoes: ASOS (Similar here)
Necklace: River Island
Hat: Topshop (Similar here)

It was a beautiful evening, warm and the sun was still shining, so slipping into The Body Shop was a cool break.

After wandering round the shop and gazing lustfully at all the products, I was greeted by a lovely woman who showed me to a seat, returning with a glass of champagne for me to sip on.
I then met the lovely Lauren (definitely more lovely because she is a Lauren!), who asked me some questions about my skin before deciding that my particular skin type (combination, for those wondering) was in need of some Seaweed.
Seaweed is apparently perfect for combination skin as it restores balance and deals with excessive oil, all the while not drying out your skin and removing the natural oils. Perfect for creating a matte complexion that is glowing with seaweedy goodness.
Chatting away, Lauren, armed with some cotton pads and some cleanser, removed my make up avoiding my red lips and my eyes. Let's just say that this was already one of the most relaxing experiences ever. Following this, a toner was applied to my face to remove any excess make up and to close the pores.

The scent of the seaweed products is lovely and very refreshing, the product is also exceptionally cooling, so for me who experiences very flushed cheeks, it really did help soothe and cool the area.

A daily moisturiser was then applied, which again was very cooling but the almost gel like consistency meant that it felt like a surge of moisture hit my skin. Did I mention that this was one of the most relaxing experiences ever?

Following my cleanse, tone and moisturise, Lauren ran off to grab some make up to apply to my face as no Scouse Bird walks around Liverpool without her make up on.
Whilst she reapplied my make up, we discussed the problem of hoarding moisturisers and the new products that The Body Shop would be bringing out, including their Argan Oil range.
Lauren was lovely enough to pass on some samples of the bath oil, which smells like heaven and believe me, I cannot wait to use it. Alongside the samples of the bath oil, I was also given a sample of the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask.

After being swept with a final dusting of powder and bronzer, I was free to decide on what I was going to purchase.

I decided on the Seaweed Cleanser, Toner and Day Cream, which came in a neat pack and the Moisture Foundation that Lauren had used on me. I got the three things all for the deliciously naughty price of £20.

You ask, how I did not buy more products... believe me, I wanted to but I had to restrain myself before I purchased everything in sight.

I then skipped off into the warm evening air armed with my purchases, feeling incredibly happy and relaxed.
I cannot even begin to express how wonderful the staff were, especially the fabulous Lauren, who was an absolute delight to talk to and who made my skin feel incredible, soft as silk and glowing with the foundation. 

Thank you so much guys! I look forward to returning to The Body Shop armed with knowledge of what products I want next... I'm looking at you Instablur and when the Argan Oil products hit the shelves.

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