A Guide to Getting Through Results Day

Result's Day is one of the most terrifying and yet exciting days of your life.

Robert Burns said that 'The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley' or the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. (Bonus points if you know which book this came from).

The quote sums up results days to an absolute T.

In a matter of hours, your life changes and for the most part, everything will go according to plan. However, sometimes things don't go the way you want them to but that's okay.
Flashback three years ago: I was exactly in your position. I had an unconditional place at the University of York and I was definitely going to be going. However, when I received my results, I was pretty dismayed to find out that things were not (as I had thought) going to plan.
Cue a morning of phone calls to find out if I was going to be able to get into my second choice and creating a back up plan, just in case I didn't. Fortunately, I was accepted and I spent three years having the best time.
Proof that sometimes even if Plan A wasn't to be, Plan B often proves better than you ever anticipated.
So, here is a run down of how to get through Result's Day without losing your head.
Firstly, get a good night's sleep. Now, I know this will be difficult, you're going to be worrying and it will probably keep you awake but you need to try your best to sleep. Keep relaxed and try to keep your mind off things.
Secondly, UCAS will most likely crash. Trust me, the morning I got my results, UCAS just went absolutely haywire and people couldn't access Track and it was just general pandemonium. If this occurs, don't panic, get in contact with your school/college and get your results from them. From your results you will be able to see where you're at with your prospective university.
Got the results you needed and you're off to your first choice? Congratulations, now go get yourself a big mug of tea (or champagne) and go celebrate.
If you did not get the results you needed... DO NOT PANIC.
There still might be a chance you can get into your firm offer university. Get on the phone, I know you will be stressed and upset, but the sooner you start making phone calls, the sooner you'll be able to find out what is the situation with that university and then you can either go off and celebrate or make other arrangements.
If you have not got into your firm offer university and you have not received confirmation off UCAS, get on the phone to your second choice. Don't leave it up to Track to update, ringing your university will give you peace of mind.
If you haven't received a place at your firm or your insurance, you have two options. Either look at having your exams remarked or look at retaking your exams. Or another option is taking a gap year, to find out what your next move is.
Option two is have a look at the Clearing list. If any of the universities seem like they appeal to you, apply for a place. When I was unsure if I was going to receive my place at my insurance, I immediately started looking at clearance universities and found a place at another University which would have been a lovely back up.
Whatever happens, you can always change your mind and make other decisions. Nothing is set in stone and you do not have to make rush decisions on Result's Day.
I wish each and everyone of you the very best of luck for Thursday!
For more information and guidance about the process of Result's Day and Clearing options, check out UCAS, The Guardian and The Telegraph

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