Robes, Gowns and Burgers: Graduating from Leicester University

So it took three years, lots of tears, smiles and stress but I finally graduated!

It was a huge build up for the event. I bought the dress and shoes, got my hair done, perfected a make up look and chose the accessories. I woke up that morning in a panic after having a nightmare that I fell down the stairs at graduation and all I kept thinking was... Oh good god, what if I fall down the stairs?!

Of course there were no falls, trips or slips and it all went okay in the end. We had luck on our side with the weather, it was a beautiful day and there were smiles and laughs all round.
As a BA graduate, we had the colours red and grey for our sash and I can't tell you how fun it felt to run around in the robes. Honestly, it was like stepping out of the Harry Potter world (I may have definitely done a fair few Snape-esque dramatic struts and swishing!) 

So what does a University of Leicester graduation look like? Well, lucky you, I'll give you a sneak peek.

It was a long ceremony and it was very warm inside, I couldn't help but fan myself with my mortar board. However, it was certainly experience and receiving my degree certificate was a very real moment for me. I couldn't believe that I had actually achieved a degree after working towards it for so long and I couldn't help but feel very proud of myself.

Following the ceremony, there were typical shots of the degree certificate...


Of course there was mortar board throwing...


As much as I was having fun in my robe with swishing, strutting and throwing my mortar board to the skies, I was highly excited for lunch. Graduating is hungry business.
For my post-graduation lunch, I chose to eat at The Orange Tree Leicester. This is one of my favourite places to eat and drink in Leicester. It is a cosy pub with a beautiful garden, they also boast an amazing drink and food menu.

Unfortunately I did not get that many photos of the interior but I took some photos that will not disappoint...
Check out our lunch.
My Dad went for the Beef Burger, whilst my brother went for Pulled Pork Fajitas.

I chose the BBQ Chicken BLC washed down with an ice cold glass of their house white.

Ready for the money shot...

Just look at it... shamelessly posing for the camera.

Is it me or does food have this magical way of posing in the most alluring way possible?
This lunch was definitely the cherry on top of what was a really lovely day. You can find the Orange Tree Leicester at their website, Twitter and Facebook
I couldn't help but feel thrilled at having my family and friends round me on one of the most interesting days of my life. My feet were hurting so much by the end but I definitely had a smile on my face by the end of the day.
Here's to all 2014 Graduates. I wish you all the best of luck for the future!

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