Review: Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Brow Kit in Light-Medium

I used to be terrified of filling in my brows.

Aside from seeing far too many scary eyebrows, I had a fear of turning my eyebrows into furry slugs on my face.

In my early teen years, I definitely over plucked my eyebrows and so after deciding to regrow my eye brows to a more natural shape, I have been in definite need of eyebrow shaping tools.

I saw that Makeup Revolution had their Focus & Fix Eyebrow kit in their collection, so in my little Makeup Revolution haul I finally ordered one to give it a try and I once again was happily surprised at the quality of the product.

The packaging was once again really beautiful with the glossy black casing with the gold writing.


 Inside are three colours for your brows, ranging from a very light pigment for the more fair brows to a medium matte brown. Alongside is a wax for keeping your eyebrows neatly in place and as a bonus, the palette comes with a pair of tweezers and an angled brush for attending to your brows.

My brows are a funny colour, they seem to have a blonde, darker brown running through as well as a more reddish brown. I decided to go for the darker brown and I was immediately pleased with the result, as well as the quality of the wax in the palette.

Here is a before...

... and an after.

You can probably tell that I am still a bit nervous about filling in my brows and only tell to just do it very lightly, but hey, we'll get there eventually!

The colour gives a really natural finish to your brows, which is exactly what you're looking for with this product. As for the staying power of the product, it is brilliant, my eyebrows kept in place all day and the wax stopped my eyebrow from ending half way down my face or any odd smudging.

I feel like I often gush about Makeup Revolution products but I honestly can't help it! I haven't come across a product that I don't like.

Go give them some love and check them out here at their website.

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