Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipgloss in Natural Pink

I'm not really a huge lipgloss wearer.

Generally, I tend to stick to a lipstick, lip crayon or a balm. During my most recent Makeup Revolution haul however, I decided to buy myself a lip loss.

I decided to match the lip gloss to the lipstick that I also bought, so I chose to go with the Amazing Lipgloss in Natural Pink.

With a standard doe foot applicator, the lipgloss glides on beautifully, it is not gloopy or sticky like some lipglosses can be. It is a beautiful colour, a light pink that does not have the shimmer running through it but instead is a pure pink. On top of the lipstick, it matches wonderfully creating a lovely natural pink.
As well as the gloss being very pretty, the scent is also very pleasing, sweet but not sickly. Like the lipstick it has a fairly good staying power, remaining on the lips but it starts to fade after eating and drinking.
I think after trying this gloss out, I'll definitely be tempted into trying more. I love the way the lips look after applying lipgloss, really nourished and healthy. At a price of £1 each as well, I'll definitely be trying out more of their colours.
Head on over to the Makeup Revolution website and see if anything takes your fancy! Something always takes my fancy and I have to restrain myself from ordering everything.

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