June Favourites

I'm a few days late with this, but hey... better late than never right?

I've not been very good at blogging in June, I seem to have just got caught up in the end of university buzz and I was either in a deep sleep or out with friends. That sort of reflects in my products as well, although I am in the process of trying out new products, the products that were the highlight of my June are definitely beloved oldies.

So let's get started!

First up is the St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in Medium. For me, this is an oldie but a goodie. I have been using this fake tan for over three years and I haven't actually tried any other brand because I am so loyal to this one. It's pretty simple to use as well, grab a mitt (seriously or risk very orange hands), apply the mousse all over. The mousse itself is very light and blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving a no streak tan. I usually apply this at night and go to sleep with it on and then shower off in the morning, leaving you with a natural looking tan. Who needs sunbeds or a beach when you have St Moriz?

Second on my list is Imperial Leather Limited Editions Bewitching Bath Crème. This is actually a new product and I had to mention this in my list immediately because let me tell you, the smell of this bath crème is incredible. Blackberry Blossom and Wild Fig is an incredible mix and I have been having a bath pretty much every night with this, just because I adore the smell. The product itself lathers up very well and the bubbles don't immediately disappear as what happens with some products. Bonus of course is that your skin is left feeling soft but it is definitely the smell for me that is the absolute winner.

Thirdly is Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream. I adore Soap & Glory products; the scent, the quality of the product on your skin and of course the packaging. I had heard about this cream for a while, I'd read all about how the scent of this product is just like cake. Oh and believe me they are right with the scent being pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. Every time I apply this I can't help feeling immediately happier, especially as it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. If I could eat this product, I would do that as well, but I won't, even if I am tempted to!

Fourth is Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory. I often forget I own this foundation and I always fall back in love with it when I start using it again. It has a beautiful consistency on the skin and leaves a really gorgeous and smooth finish. What is really special about this foundation is the slight shimmer in the product which really lifts the skin and gives it a really pretty glow. Hence, the name 'Wake Me Up'! It really gives your skin that needed boost on days when your skin is maybe lacking a bit of oomph.

Fifth is Benefit's Hoola Bronzing Powder. I had read so many reviews about this product and I was always tempted to buy this bronzer to replace my MAC one. It was my friend who finally convinced me to buy it after I borrowed it off her when we were getting ready for a night out and I was immediately hooked. It's a brilliant bronzer for my skin when it is pale and when I have a tan, it blends beautifully into the skin and when used in contouring leaves you with those fake modelesque cheek bones!

Last on the list is Girl, Interrupted. I recently watched this film the other week and I totally forgot how much I love this film. For my teen years this film was an absolute staple and it always made me feel so sad but yet very uplifted that life goes on. Also that as long as you are willing, you can change your future. Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie are absolutely incredible in this film and you can see why Jolie deserved the Oscar for her performance. Although those two are the main characters, the entire cast were incredible. So, if you haven't watched this film, I could not recommend it enough.

I can't believe we're in July already, seems like this year could not go quicker if it tried. This next month is going to be exciting and totally life overhauling, so I can't wait to see were life takes me next.

What were some of your June favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

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