Chilacas, Leicester

There is nothing better than a Sunday.

 Now I know it signals the beginning of a new week but Sunday is definitely my favourite day. It is the day for waking up late, brunches, even bigger lunches and relaxing with friends or family.
With the sun poking its head out after a week of rain and gloomy weather, I had to get out of the house and roam around in the warmth. I met up with Matt and Trickey who were venturing into town for a bit of retail therapy. After a few hours of drifting in and out of shops, after a successful shopping trip, we were in need of some food.
Burritos were the answer.
Meet Chilacas, a small little Mexican restaurant tucked between a Costa Coffee and Real China in Highcross Food Court. 


I haven't visited Chilacas in nearly a year and I love this little restaurant, with bright mismatched furniture, rainbow coloured hanging lights, music filtering through the place, alongside the cheerful staff who work there. Drinks are served in little jam jars and you can get tequila served in a teapot and the menu is simple but you still find yourself weighing up what you want. Chicken? Slow Cooked Pork?
The real answer is everything, but hey... we won't get too crazy. Let's get down to the main event though, it's burrito time.

I opted for a Chicken Barbacoa Burrito with all the trimmings to stuff my face with.

Don't you want to just lick the screen? Go on, I won't tell.

We opted to sit outside with it being such a beautiful day, why waste it sitting inside?


We started tackling our enormous burritos, seriously these things were the size of my head. Talk about getting your money's worth.
Of course I got you a money shot.


Look at that naughty little thing posing?

Sitting there with all the juicy chicken, vegetables, salsa that mixes with the cool sour cream and roast chipotle sauce. All snuggled together with rice, beans and a tortilla wrap and of course, washed down with a tequila flavoured beer, when in a Mexican restaurant right?

We munched and wolfed down our food (very quickly I might add) and having licked our fingers, we sat drinking our drinks, having a laugh, full of burrito-y goodness.
Aside from the food being delicious, the staff are absolutely fantastic and so attentive, which is definitely one of the reasons why we said we would return. That and the offer of a tequila teapot is very tempting and the record of 11 shots of tequila in one afternoon sounds like a challenge we want to take on.
I would highly recommend this restaurant if you're looking for something a bit different that isn't a typical Italian or burger restaurant and who wouldn't want burritos, tacos or nachos for a meal anyway.
Caution, things will get messy with burritos, this isn't a knife and fork situation, this is a 'get stuck in and lick your fingers afterwards' kinda deal. You'll be making some attractive faces but hey, a love for a burrito is a shared love by all, there are no judgements here.
I'm going to be getting jalapeno business real quick (I'm not sorry about my pun) but Chilacas offer a student discount, but its 20% off on Sundays. Told you Sunday is the best day.
You can find their website here and they have restaurants in Leicester and Birmingham.
So what tickles your fancy? Tacos, burritos or nachos? Let me know in the comments.  

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