Sambas, Snakes and Showgirls: An Evening with Chica Bonita

In my head I dance like Beyoncé, in reality, I'm a lot less impressive.

So, I often leave dancing to the professionals. So when my friend Trickey asked me to attend a dance showcase by a company called Chica Bonita, I jumped at it.

This is a photo heavy blog post, so sit down, maybe grab a cup of tea and read on.

So grabbing a few friends, we wandered down to the new bar Mix'd Cafe in Leicester to have a little look in.

Nestled down a little alleyway is the bright orange sign calling you in, what made this place much more inviting was the samba band welcoming people into the bar.

These guys were loud and the music immediately made you want to get up and dance, they cheered and yelped along with the loud drums. A lovely lady on stilts was also there to welcome guests...

Again, another example of letting the professionals doing their thing. The idea of stilts terrifies me, especially after falling off some when I was younger.

However, down to business at hand, getting cocktails.

Skipping off to the bar, we immediately were greeted with a 2 for 1 offer (the offer is on from 3-9pm) and of course, we decided it would be rude not to take advantage of such a tempting offer, Margaritas were to be had.

There's nothing that reminds me more of summer than a good Margarita. Nothing separates me from tequila, nothing.

We moved upstairs for the main event of the dancing and believe me, we were not disappointed. We were greeted by a very friendly magician, who was very talented at slight of hand and I couldn't fault him and believe me, I was looking out for any mistakes!

I definitely couldn't see a thing, however I was a little excited about being chosen for the part of the trick where you write your name on a card. I'll be definitely keeping this as a souvenir.

The main event started soon after and suddenly we were greeted by a flurry of colour and light. Carnival music blared through the room and dancers flooded in from different areas of the room.

Aside from my wiggling in my seat to the music, let me tell you, these girls can dance. Moving in a perfect unison and feathers and arms. Aside from the fact that these girls were beautifully dressed in their costumes, they were incredible dancers. If I thought this first dance was good, it kept getting better.

After the Brazilian Carnival dancing, we moved onto a more Bollywood theme. 

The dancers moved quietly onto the middle of the stage area with the gold material and suddenly like the Carnival dancers, they moved into a flare of gold material and purple satin.

Once again these girls were absolutely flawless. I was fully green with envy by this point but in total awe of the level of skill these girls possess. What came next though was a little more surprising. 

A solo dancer walked out into the middle of the stage and performed one of the most captivating performances I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, my camera started having some technical difficulties, so I don't have a photo of the big reveal of her performance, which was, this gorgeous dancer is also a snake charmer. Believe me, there were a few gasps across the room when she pulled the snake out of the basket and yes, including me too! 

This is the only photo I managed to snag before my camera fully shut down, typical right? She wrapped the snake round her hips, her head, arms, everywhere. Totally calm and in control, the snake just seemed to be as mesmerized by her as we were.

The night had one more performance of Vegas Showgirls, which I sadly missed most of bar the ending, once again I cannot help but gush over these girls and how professional and wonderful they are. They created such a wonderful atmosphere, buzzing with energy and colour. 

Chica Bonita should be so proud of themselves and I wish them all the luck in the world. You can find them here at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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