Review: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights

If you want something that sparkles to be your best friend, look no further than a good highlighter.

I remember the first time I used Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat, I was about fifteen years old and it was a gift from a friend. At my young age, I had no clue about contouring and the wonders of highlighting, fast forward six years later, and a little bit of education, and I can safely say, my Touche Éclat is one of my prized beauty possessions.

So what exactly do you use a highlighter for? Well, a highlighter is usually a shimmery product that is used in Contouring, which is the art of exaggerating or enhancing your natural face structure using shading and highlighting. For example, using a bronzer in a line along the hollows of your cheeks and then adding a shimmery highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones will really give you those killer cheek bones.

However, without wanting to offend my Touche Éclat, I've always wanted to try out a powder highlighter, whilst the Touche Éclat gives me a gorgeous glow on my cheek bones, sometimes I find it can give me a bit too much glow and can sometimes make my face look at little too Edward Cullenesque for day time use.

After searching high and low for a good highlighter, I noticed on my trawling of Makeup Revolution's website (see previous post) that they sell powder highlighters and after doing some research, I decided on Peach Lights.

The Vivid Baked Highlighters come in a black compact packaging, with a clear lid with the product's name written in rose gold across the top. The product itself has been delicately swirled and it looks so inviting and pretty, especially because the colour is just so gorgeous as well.

Peach Lights has the most beautiful golden shimmer through the peachy shade, which is not only lovely on my pale skin, the gold shimmer really creates that glowy look that you want on your face.
Applied with a angled blush brush, gives a very subtle glow and it does require you to build up the product if you wanted more shimmer on your cheek bones, however, it can also be applied with fingers, which gives a much stronger highlight.
I have fallen in love with this product, and while my Touche Éclat is still very much close to my heart, I needed a product that I could use daily and this product does exactly that. It is light enough for every day but can be built up if needed for a night time look, and most importantly, this product is well worth the... wait for it... £3!
Makeup Revolution, that's another favourite in the bag and I cannot wait to keep trying more of your products!
This highlighter can be found on Makeup Revolution's website and Superdrug Online.

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