Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

 Makeup Revolution is taking the beauty blogs by storm.

Why is that? Well, they're products are just so temptingly cheap! Over the past couple of weeks, I have read countless blogs about their products and finally I gave in and ordered myself a little package, including these three lipsticks.


When I was deciding what lipsticks I wanted to go for, I was definitely looking for something a bit summery and maybe a bit out of my comfort zone. Usually I am very much a natural lip kind of girl (with the odd red lip or darker lip, when I am feeling a little naughty), so this time and because these lovely little lipsticks are a pound... yes, you read right, a pound.

So, after much deliberation (about two days), I went for the colours...

Twist, a beautiful red with an orange undertone.

Divine, a matte cross between orange and pink.

... and finally, Sweetheart, a glossy, pastel pink with a hint of glitter.
I was so eager to try these out, which is what I did immediately and I put them through their tests with drinks, dinners and shopping trips, so how did these naughtily cheap lipsticks fare?
Twist and Divine are very bright colours, however I was surprised when Sweetheart arrived and saw how bright the lipstick itself was, thinking I may have ordered a bright Barbie pink lipstick by mistake, but after swatching, I was thrilled to see that this colour is very delicate and on your lips creates a very natural, glossy pink texture.
How well do they last? They survived pretty well all things considered, after dinner and drinks, the pigment was still very much on my lips, but I am incredibly fussy when it comes to my lipstick and I like to keep it in perfect working order. So I did reapply on a couple of occasions, especially with Twist, which after a few drinks had started to fade a bit in the middle, but honestly, this did not bother me in the slightest.

Colour? Fantastic, the pigment on all three lipsticks is great and I did not need to stand in front of my mirror, trying to build up colour, especially with Twist, it created a beautifully coloured lip immediately.
Are there any bad points? The one thing I will say about these lipsticks is that both Twist and Sweetheart are highly nourishing, but I find that Divine needs a bit of lip balm to give it that same soft glide, whether this is just a fault with the lipstick or maybe my lips might have been too dry, I am not abandoning this colour just yet though.
I feel like this is the start of a beautiful friendship with Makeup Revolution, I cannot wait to try out more of their products. If you too want to indulge in a mad spree of make up, you can find them here or at Superdrug online.
Go on, be naughty, I won't tell.

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