We've got to start somewhere...

This is definitely not the first blog I have ever had.

In fact, I have lost count over the years of how many blogs I have started, moaned about my life a bit and then deleted them. This one however is a little different, I feel ready for it... So here it is, the first official blog post of the new blog.

So for starters,


(That rather up close and personal, and yet rather pose-y photo is me, apologies as this is my most recent photo of myself.)

My name is Lauren and I'm 21 years old, I'm currently a third year student at university, studying History of Art and the question most people ask next is... Do you know what you want to do when they hand you your certificate saying you have a degree? Well, the truth is, no I don't... I have had many plans over the years, and yet some how, I haven't stuck to one yet. So, whilst I ponder my future, I intend to finally sit down, and blog about my life. 

So, this blog will be dedicated to things like; beauty, maybe a bit of fashion and general lifestyle posts, not that my life is entirely exciting, but hey, like the title of this post suggests we've got to start somewhere.

So, if you are reading this, I hope you stick around... I promise I'll post some more interesting things!



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