Turtle Bay

Whenever me and my friend get together, there is always two things involved; number one, food and number two, cocktails. So, Friday afternoon, we had exactly those two things.


I had heard a lot about Turtle Bay before I went, all glowing reviews about the food and the happy hour cocktails. Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant chain, which has locations dotted around the country, now let me tell you, I was so excited to try out this restaurant, I love Caribbean food and I was more than happy to see what Turtle Bay had to offer.

Having been sat in a beer garden of a pub, after a glass of wine and putting the world to rights, we eagerly leapt into Turtle Bay to warm up, and were quickly escorted to our table.

Already in love with the d├ęcor, I then drooled over the menu whilst trying to decide what to eat.

We ordered our food and cocktails. Quick as a flash, our cocktails appeared in front of us, we decided to go with Reggae Rum Punch.

The cocktails tasted incredible, really refreshing and juicy, and after a short interval, a waitress appeared with our food and this is where I got very excited.

I went for the Pulled Chicken Bun with fries, whilst my friend went with the Chicken Festival Salad.

There was something very naughty about the way my food was looking at me...


I, of course, over indulged on BBQ sauce, and let me tell you, the food tasted incredible. The brioche bun was soft, the chicken was juicy with a hint of spice, but filled with delicious flavour, the chips were crunchy and covered with spice and even their Caribbean slaw, which I am not usually a fan of coleslaw, was absolutely delicious, really creamy and crisp.


Even my friend's meal had a serious case of food posing, we were definitely not expecting the salad to look like this when it arrived, but safe to say, my friend was very happy with her meal.
We finished our food, grabbed another cocktail (which was the Vanilla and Passion fruit Mojito) and eventually rolled out of the door, into evening chill, just as it was getting busy of people enjoying the music, cocktails and the food.
You can find out if you have a Turtle Bay near you here, I would highly recommend going to Turtle Bay if you're looking for a lunch date with friends, or maybe looking for something a bit different to do on a date, or even if you wanted to take your children, there is something there for everyone.

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