Scrubs Galore: Reviewing Seacret Pomegranate Salt & Oil Scrub and Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub

Body scrubs have always been interesting to me and I know that is kind of an odd statement to make, but over the years I have gone through many a product and been disappointed.

Some always seemed to just be a gel rather than a scrub or did have exfoliating properties but were so delicate, they did not seem to make a scrap of difference. Soap and Glory body scrubs always rated highly with me, especially their Flake Away scrub, and aside from my own experiences, the products are rated very highly by fellow beauty bloggers.
So when it came to Christmas just past, I stumbled into Boots as one does and found myself falling into the skincare aisles, and it being 3 for 2, I couldn't resist. Especially when I came across Sanctuary Spa's 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub, I haven't really used many of the Sanctuary products, again, they have always been highly recommended to me and as previously mentioned, I am always open to trying new body scrubs, so I wandered home with it.

Apologies for the photos of the Sanctuary Spa product, it has been well loved...

The packaging for Sanctuary products is always so lovely and really makes you feel like you're buying an indulgent product. As stated, this is meant to be a highly moisturising oil scrub, again, excuse the photo, but this is what the product looks like inside...


The product has a wonderful feel to it, it's full of salt crystals which are lovely to rub into your skin and as you use the product, you can definitely feel it moisturising at the same time, so when you come to wash this product off your skin and you dry yourself afterwards, you can immediately feel the difference.

This product therefore, was an absolute winner for me and I did not think I would find one its equal, until a few weeks ago, when I was beckoned over to a pop up stall whilst shopping, something I usually just walk past. Safe to say, it did not take long for the charming salesman, who gave me a demonstration of the product at the stall, to sell me this product (and for half price too!)

The product in question is the Seacret Pomegranate Salt & Oil Scrub. Secreat is a brand, which uses minerals from the Dead Sea, these minerals, according to the charming gentleman, have multiple benefits for your skin, their website writes that Cleopatra herself bathed herself in the waters of the Dead Sea, which immediately made me want to feel all regal in my shower routine. However, on to the product, which is paraben free and it claims to be for all skin types, which in my book is two ticks for it.

Unlike the Sanctuary product, there is a layer of oil that sits above the salt crystals in this product, so be careful when using it as it can get a little bit messy, on the skin however, it again feels absolutely wonderful, the exfoliating qualities of the salt crystals are just incredible. My one problem with the product, is I find that compared to the Sanctuary product which does not take a lot of massage into the skin, this one has to be worked into the skin more, which is not necessarily a problem, this is just me being slightly lazy, the Seacret product does seem to really work deep into your skin, you just need to really massage it in.
The only other thing I would say is that the Sanctuary product does not necessarily require moisturising after the shower, I often skip just because my skin already feels so nourished, the Seacret product does require you to moisturise after, which again, not necessarily a bad thing... just if you're a bit lazy like me, you might prefer a product that does it all for you.
I couldn't say which one I prefer, as I have only been using the Seacret product for a matter of weeks compared to the long usage of the Sanctuary product but I would absolute recommend both to anyone looking for something that little bit indulgent in their bath/shower time regime.

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