Nothing like a bit of Continental.

It has been a very food centric couple of days.

Leicester hosts a Continental market a few times a year and I always make sure I go, purely because, who wouldn't want to spend a few hours just staring and eating food?

So, when Saturday rolls around, and with the absolutely glorious weather egging me on, I grabbed the Boy and we went off for a mooch round the market.

 The town centre was buzzing with people and the smells of all the different stalls mingled together, which seemed to make me absolutely starving, so the first mission was to figure out what to eat first!
German grill?

Jerk Chicken?

Hog Roast?
Maybe even just one of these golden loaves of bread? Look at them posing like that in their baskets! It was however a few stalls along that caught the attention of the Boy...

The carnivore in him decided immediately it was to be one of these 'Alternative' burgers, which did he choose? Kangaroo! I've always had a bit of an aversion to trying these burgers, in my head, all I can think of is Skippy the Kangaroo, however, a strange feeling of curiosity came over me, I wish I could say there was a photo of his burger... sadly, it was demolished pretty quickly.
So, I tried Kangaroo, and you know, it wasn't that bad. I had been terrified of trying it, and in fact, it was pretty tasty, really succulent and very moreish and probably one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. I even thought about running off to get one, but I had something else in mind and there was one stand in particular that caught my eye.
I have this unmistakable love for Paella and the only way I can describe it is that it is like being hugged by food. Comfort food is my favourite, and with its beautiful golden colour, thanks to the saffron and with all the wonderful things that go into it, you cannot go wrong at all. Again, my apologies, as I sort of shoved the paella in my face very quickly and sadly there is no up beauty shot of my little portion, but I assure you, it was absolutely delicious.
After scoffing down my paella, we decided to wander around the stalls a bit more.

One of mine and the Boy's favourite was the wood sculpture tent.
I rather liked this dapper gentleman, who I would have happily taken home with me.

I think the hippos are the definite focus of this photo... maybe it might be the Male torsos, what can I say, it's the History of Art student in me.
Having wandered around a bit more, we began to feel peckish again... very easily when all you can smell is food! We began to look for something else to eat and after some deliberation, we decided on the Italian Grill. 
They had a small menu of two choices, either a Polpetta, which is actually Italian meatballs, but these guys turned them into Italian style burgers, the other choice Salsiccia, Italian sausage, both served up in a ciabatta roll.
As we stood drooling over the choices before us, we decided to get one of each. The Boy decided on the salsiccia and added cheese, onions and a bit of ketchup, whilst I decided on the polpetta and added cheese and ketchup.

Hurrah, I finally got a photo of our food before it quickly disappeared!
The polpetta was absolutely delicious, really juicy and thick, with a taste of some herbs without it being too overpowering, it was probably one of the tastiest burgers I have had in a while. The Boy's salsiccia was also divine, again really juicy, well cooked and the sausage itself had a wonderful rich taste... I also nearly managed to cover myself in onions when taking a bite... much to the amusement of the boy. I am a lady on the odd occasion, I promise!
Feeling very stuffed, we had a little wander around town in the last of the sunshine.
I found this beautiful little chap hidden in St Martin's Square. I can't help but feel so much happier in Spring, everything is so beautiful, but sadly as it began to get a bit colder and we were both feeling rather tired, we decided to head back to the market, where we grabbed a coffee to warm up, and more importantly to pick up dessert.
Now, normally, I would have jumped on the churros, but the very large queue put us off a bit, there is nothing worse than having to queue for food.
A stall that had previously caught our attention was this patisserie tent.

We definitely lingered round here for a while, deciding what to take home with us. When finally, the meringues caught my attention.

Now, I'll let you in on something... I think meringues might be one of the best desserts ever. Served up with fruit or chocolate sauce... or hey, even on there own, they are a sweet tooth's dream and looking at how big these were, I was certainly going to be taking one of these home with me.
I grabbed a caramel one, whilst the Boy chose coffee and with our stomachs full and a bag of meringues, we walked away from the market in the evening sunshine, and maybe, just maybe, I had a lingering look at more food as we left, but hey... can you blame me?
If you want to know the dates of the market, you can visit here, and alongside the dates of the Continental market, you can also see other events that happen during the year.

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